22,000 Nigerian Govt workers to be trained on E-Government in South Korea

An Asia Country, South Korea, has agreed to train over 22,000 Nigeria Public Servants on e-government, this report was carried by the Permanent Secretary, Nigeria Ministry of Communication, Abdulaziz Abdullahi who quoted in report issued by the Press Deputy Director, Mrs. Pauline Sule. This agreement for capacity building on e-government was reached by the Ministry and the Korean International Corporation Agency (KOICA).

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This e-government program is already been captured in the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) by Federal Government of Nigeria. The Nigeria Civil Servant who has been chosen for the quest will (according to report) receive short and long term training courses here in Nigeria in different levels to successfully drive the e-government programme by the government.

Abdulaziz Abdullahi said,

The Executive Course I is for heads of government establishments; Executive Course II is for directors in public service; Professional Course for middle level officers; e-Security for ICT technical staff and Train-the-Trainer for future potential trainers on the capacity building programme.

The diplomatic ties between Nigeria and Korea started since 1980 and was delighted on how fast the pace of the amicable relationships had thrived in various areas such as culture, trade and development cooperation, especially in the e-government project, the Charge d’Affaires of the Korean Embassy, Song Yong-Min said as he correspondingly expressed happiness and readiness in this partnership quest with Nigeria.

TechSphere currently don’t have the stipulated time range this training programme will last as it wasn’t speculated in its report, but not to worry, we’ll sure update you as soon as we’ve gotten the info.

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