Android 8.0 crazy features that can make you ditch your iPhone

Android 8.0 features includes; notification grouping, picture-in-picture support for video, performance improvements and battery usage optimization, and support for autofillers, Bluetooth 5, system-level integration with VoIP apps, wide color gamuts and Wi-Fi Aware just to mention a few. Android Oreo also introduces two major platform features, including Android Go—a software distribution of the operating system for low-end devices, as well as support for implementing a hardware abstraction layer.

Android 8.0 “Oreo” is a version of the Android mobile operating system. It was first released as an alpha quality developer preview in March 2017 and released to the public on August 21, 2017.

Android version 8.0 has dropped on update for many devices today like Most Samsung model, Google Nexus, LG, Motorola, Hauwei, just to mention a few, while some are also yet to get update.

In this article, I’m going to share cool Android 8.0 features which could make one join the moving train in the android community.

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Android 8.0 Features

1.  Picture in Picture Mode

Android Oreo permits users to continue a video call in Duo or stream a video from various supported apps in picture-in-picture mode. In other words, the feature comes with Picture in Picture mode which allows several applications such as Youtube or Google Maps navigation etc. the functionality to play in the picture in picture mode when minimized.

Using this feature is easy, just tape the home button when the video is playing and Oreo takes care of the rest.

Android 8.0 features

Picture in Picture Mode feature

2. Google Play Protect (Scans app for safety)

To reassure users, Google is making its security measures more prominent throughout Android Oreo with Google Play Protect.


This menu is found in the Settings app under Security, where you can view how often apps are scanned and when they were last scanned. Presumably, this section will also help you deal with an app Oreo deems unsafe.

This also will keep in check all the applications that are present in the Google Play Store. Google says that it will reportedly scan over 50 billion apps daily to make sure no malicious app gets installed on a user’s phone.

Google Play Protect is not just available for Oreo users, with Google recently announcing availability across all Android devices.

Android 8.0 features

Google Play Protect (Scans app for safety)

3.  New Emojis

Android 8.0 Oreo update comes with tons of new emojis, the emojis are redesigned and enhanced to look more catoonish and are better suited to express yourself in every mood. The company even took time to write a goodbye letter to Android’s longstanding blob emojis.

Android 8.0 features

New Emojis

4.  New Settings Menu

The Settings app has once also been redesigned. The slide-out menu is gone, and settings have been recategorized. This is going to take some getting used to, no doubt on that.

Android 8.0 features

New Settings Menu

5.  Smart Text Selection

Android Oreo comes with Smart text selection feature which enables the user to select the relevant text such as Adress, Phone number, etc. by just double tapping over the whole text.

Selecting an address will give you an option of navigating to it, and in the case of a phone number, you will be easily able to dial after selecting the number.


Smart Text Selection

6.  Auto-Fill Details

Auto fill features enables app to remember a login password or other credentials. Google is extending its autofill tech beyond Chrome and into apps. Password managing apps, such as 1Password, will also have the option to support autofill within apps. Several third-party apps will be available to take advantage of this function as well with the help of a user set Master password; also you can use your fingerprint sensor as well.


Auto-Fill Details

7.  Improved Sound Quality

The update comes bundled with “High-quality Bluetooth audio codecs” which will bring a significant change in sound quality while listening music via a wireless audio device. This move will further push the removal of the headphone jack in upcoming Android smartphones, and there is a fair chance that even the upcoming Pixel phones may not have a headphone jack.

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8.  Snooze Notification on Android Oreo

This Android 8.0 features is pretty cool — with Android Oreo, you can snooze notifications with a quick swipe and tap. If you have a text message or email you want to deal with later, swipe to the right on the notification until you see the clock icon. Tap on the clock, select the amount of time you want to snooze it for and then go back to what you were doing.


Snooze Notification on Android Oreo

9.  New Battery Settings

Android Oreo battery usage stats are getting a little more granular.

When you view an app’s usage stats, it now includes how much battery was due to active use or in the background.


New Battery Settings

10.  Auto-Enable WI-FI

If you disable you WI-FI when you are away from home or office after usage, Android Oreo saves the location and the WI-FI details so when ever you come back to that same spot, you don’t have to turn it back on again.

Android Oreo offers the option to have Wi-Fi turn back on when you’re near a known, safe Wi-Fi network, such as your home.


Auto-Enable WI-FI


11.  Change the shape of app icons

You can now adjust the shape of app icons without installing a theme or launcher. Currently, there are four different options (left to right): square, rounded square, squircle and teardrop.

Find the setting with a long-press on the home screen and tap Settings > Change icon shape.


Change the shape of app icons

12.  Improve Apps Notification

The App badges have been upgraded, and now whenever there is a notification, the App icon will show tiny dots to inform the user about the received notification.


The notification can now also be viewed directly from home screen only by long pressing the App icon.


Improve Apps Notification

Without causing much hassle, Android 8.0 features are really great. Don’t you think so? Share your thought in the comment box!

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