How to use the Snooze feature on Facebook

Most of us using the Facebook platform must have encounter one or several cases where we get offensive or spammy post or content on our news feeds by friends or a page we follow, before now, there was no way to temporarily remove such person’s post on our news feed as we could only either block, unfollow or better still unfriend them to stop seeing their post, this was a permanent action as we’d deliberately go back to refollow or unblock the person to get notifications from them again.

This went on until recent, after Facebook must have gotten feedback from users regarding the issue. Facebook then introduced a feature called Snooze, a feature that lets you hide someone’s post from your News Feed for 30 days.

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This is just perfect for the times your friends or a page you follow are getting a little bit spammy you could just easily Snooze them and stop receiving updates from them till after 30days, meanwhile you could still see their post only if you go to their timeline respectively.


At the moment, the only way to Snooze a person or Page is from one of their posts in your News Feed. When a post by the person or Page you want to Snooze pops up, tap or click the three little dots in the top right corner, and then select the “Snooze XXX for 30 Days” option.

You will automatically stop seeing post from the person or page until 30days and you won’t have to worry about them getting notified that they got snoozed by you, they won’t know you’ve done anything.

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Also, if you want to end the Snooze mode you initially placed on someone or page before the 30days validation period, you can do this by visiting their profile and select the Snooze icon underneath their profile image then select “End Snooze” option, this would also give you details on how long is left in the 30days.

If a person get Snoozed, just before the 30days period you’ll get a notification, that way you could decide to snooze the person for another 30days or not.

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