Google launches AMP for Gmail

AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages has since come a long way since Google introduced the initiative back then at 2015. AMP, which is an open source framework is designed to enable super-fast mobile web pages load-time, this initiative since its introduced is been used by over 31 million websites around the globe today. Google launches AMP for Gmail.

Google officially announced an extension of the AMP program to include another popular communications medium. The web giant uncovered this  preview of AMP for email from Gmail developer, a web-like ordeal intended to make mails additionally captivating and intuitive. One of the key advantages of AMP for email will be that content inside an email can be refreshed, and beneficiaries will have the capacity to peruse email content much like they would a website page.

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So an email from Pinterest, for example, could contain actionable content, allowing users to Pin content to their own Pinterest account without leaving Gmail. Or they could complete a form to arrange a meeting, fill in a questionnaire, and do just about anything — all from within the email itself. It’s clear that marketers will be a major target audience here.

Google launches AMP for Gmail

Preview of AMP for Email.

The launch comes on the same day as Google unveiled the AMP story format, which brings a Snapchat-like interactive format to the mobile web and features slides, graphics, videos, and more.

Of course third-party companies that intend making use of will need to sign up to AMP for Email, but you know Google which already control controls huge part of the internet said it already has handful of companies on board, which inclused Pinterest, Doodle and

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It’s true that email has been challenged by the rise of mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp, but it remains healthy across such realms as business, commerce, and marketing. Indeed,

It could be misleading by saying electronic mailing like Gmail has been challenged with conventional chatting apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc, but email messaging remains healthy across the realm of just chatting/messaging, it goes across business, commerce and marketing. report indicate that  270 billion emails were sent each day in 2017, up from 205 billion in 2015. So AMP for email could find a rather sizable niche.

AMP for email will be rolling out for Gmail later this year, once it graduates the developer preview. But, as with the broader AMP initiative, Google is eager to stress that this isn’t a purely Google-focused product — the company wants other email client providers to embrace it.

Sahney added,

“Because AMP for email is an open spec, we look forward to seeing how other email clients will adopt it, too,”

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