How AI Would Improve Your Career

How AI Would Improve Your Career? Thanks to rapid advances in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence, some human job functions has given up to automation as these machines outwork the human effort based on efficiency and accuracy, although it’s not just blue-collar jobs that are being taken over by automation, this also include white-collar professions as well.

Over the years, artificial intelligence has long been integrated in technologies which has enhanced the human living through the enhanced productivity in technologies, some area where technologies and AI has a huge role includes: industrialization, finance, healthcare services, customer assistance and E-government,  just to name a few. In a much simpler scenario, technology advancement and AI has led us to the extent that:

  • Cars drive themselves
  • Computers communicate with humans
  • Terrorist suspects are easier to pinpoint
  • Healthcare data is being optimized in new ways

And this has so far done tremendously well in their specific areas. Although, not all individual see this as appealing, of course mainly the people who are likely to lose their job to automation and make their function relatively obsolete in the coming years.

For some time now, you’d probably have heard the predictions, “One day, robots will take over your jobs” this is probably right looking in a real sense, I mean to be realistic take a closer look at things around you even the The World Economic Forum has boldly announced that by the year 2020, five million jobs will be lost to robotics and artificial intelligence, but this rather sound absurd to those whose profession are on the tech space as the expansion and exploration of AI means more jobs for them, artificial intelligence is ideal only for those who truly understands and work with it, to be futuristic on this, Over the course of the next 20 years, things will change than has happened in the last 2000 in the way we do our jobs, reports has proved.

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Comparing the cons and pros of the implementation of artificial intelligence into real life scenarios has caused a lot of controversies over the years, many people see it as a huge revolution (although it’s nothing less) as these smart machines would outsmart us whereas we’ll loose control of the world resources to it eventually, others see this as a new phase of human existence which would make the world more convenient and friendly for human living.

So many believes and ideas have been floating over this, most supporting and most opposing, but the fact remains our future isn’t certain now with artificial intelligence as deep researches and tests are still being carried out on, so hopefully soon enough humans and smart machines will find a common ground.

Anyways, let’s get to the subject matter but first let’s take a glimpse on “how artificial intelligence can replace you at work


There are popular quotes from tech futurist I will be using to justify this question.

Steven McConnell, co-founder of career consultancy Arielle Careers pointed out that while most people worry about robots stealing their jobs, they overlook the fact that artificial intelligence also has the capacity to put them in the running for jobs they’ve always dreamed of.

For McConnell, finding a job in an artificial intelligence-powered world will be as simple as submitting a web search query:

“In 5 years you’ll be able to say to your device “I need a new job”. Within a second you’ll see a list of carefully chosen, highly suitable companies, with links to their current or upcoming vacancies, together with contact details of relevant hiring managers.”

This is how Artificial Intelligence would improve your career

AI related job opportunity will increase

This is for persons who are well technically oriented, please refer [ 5 Powerful reasons why you should learn technical skill ]. A good way of how AI would improve one’s career is by expanding it’s opportunity by becoming expert at deploying AI technology for maximum business value, and integrating it with other tools and services. New careers will eventually be opened as AI technology is just getting started and there are lots of studies and exploration that has yet to be made. But note AI will free up IT pros for higher-value tasks by taking over repetitive work.

Future-proofing your IT career for the AI era

It is often said “If you can’t beat them you join them”. The world is advancing digitally irrespective of your personal opinion, this would call for “life adjusting initiative” to help keep their IT skill relevant.

Futurists and expert advises that IT professionals looking to future-proof their careers should broaden their skill sets to include business or communication skills, growth areas like cybersecurity, or develop deeper industry expertise. Because less-caring about this would only leave you out in the cold in the nearest future.

As an online entrepreneur and webmaster in Nigeria, I love technology! As a result, and to earnestly contribute to tech awareness within individuals, I find the need to give digital-based insight of the technology world today, hence, making individuals well tech rounded and get the need to acquire technical skills.

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