How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers?

How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers? – In this digital era of ours’ technology is inextricably tangled with human lives as it has become an integral part of human existence, in this regard, please refer see awesome facts about technology inventions.

In a generally phenomenon, virtually all teenage aged persons in a typical environment are digital natives or at least partially technically-oriented and being technical oriented involves having a valuable extent of understanding on how technology in general sense works in the real world. This simple scenario is of course benevolent at most point starting at self-value – career prospect and societal value, as the hiccup attached to the internet of thing is the social media network which will be the main focus of this post.

Social Media ain’t that bad, isn’t it?

From Facebook – Instagram – Snapchat, every teenager today wants to have a taste in being relevant in the latest online trend or just don’t want to be left alone in the cold because “all my friends are on a social network, so why can’t i?, I mean everyone wants to have that online presence, this is usually as a result of a kind of mental drive in a mobile gadgets, with the makes of iPhones and Android phones and their several functionalities, this deviate the primary function of a mobile phone to other extensions. This mental drives which most at times are being obtain from peers are so distinct that, majority of today’s teens first sign up to a social account once a new gadget is gotten.

A study from Nottingham Trent University revealed that, “People who are over-dependent on digital devices, report feelings of anxiety when they are stopped from using them, but now, we can see that actual physiological changes accompany these psychological effects.”


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In this context, a social media addict could be considered someone with a compulsion to use social media to excess — constantly checking Facebook status updates or “stalking” people’s profiles on Facebook, for example, for hours on end.

Please note, I’m not in anyway opposing the use of social media, but rather to pinpoint the malevolent influence it could have on a decent minded folk which normally result to excessive usage/addition and eventually interferes with important activities in a personal life and decision and a sad thing about social media addiction is it mostly targets the teens especially those having poor social interacting skill.

How Can I Prevent Social Media Addiction

1.  Discipline

I’d proudly say this comes before any other. This refers to control gained by enforcing order on oneself to maintain a pattern of behavior. Regarding this context, you should authoritatively set a strict rule on how long you should Facebook daily and this should be obeyed accordingly, why not? You set the rules anyways. “Can you please still maintain that 30 minutes daily usage on social media? ” This question ought to pop out in your head whenever you feel tempted to add extra minutes.

2.  Create a Tech-Free Time at Home

This involves banning all gadgets from the dining table or during a meal ensures that you and the brood are focused and can engage in face-to-face interactions. You’ll end up spending quality time and living in the moment instead of being distracted by your phone or alerts.

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I’m a Social Media addict, What Can I Do?

Addiction of any sort can be difficult to overcome, but if you really want to experience true well-being, it’s worth trying to reduce your social media consumption. Below is the list of what you must do to overcome social media addiction.

How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers?

1.  Turn off your social account notification 

Notifications are a constant reminder that something is happening in the online world and often makes you feel you’re missing out. Getting locked out of your online engagement by turning off notification is a great way to fight back at addiction, this would let you concentrate on what really matters more and create room for less distractions. Another good thing about this is the notification list must have piled up by the time you eventually get to it, making the whole process more rewarding and exciting.

2.  Remove social media apps from your smartphone

Restrict your social media access and only log in through your desktop computer only if necessary. This will help save up needed time and resources you can spend on more important things other than chatting.

3.  Find a new hobby

Social media addicts considers messing around in social platforms to be their hobby, which it literally is. In this case, if hobby is a learned behavior the process can possibly be reversed, this doesn’t mean for instance a social media addict trying to ditch social media in the name of unlearning the behavior, No! This goes beyond that, this is about learning a new and different thing or skill and actually sticking to it thereby giving less attention to social media. Plus your new hobby will keep your mind and hands preoccupied when you’re craving for social media. Applying this rule on oneself would drastically reduce social media addiction over time.

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4.  Spend more time with people

Instead of keeping up to date with your friends’ and family members’ lives through a screen, spend time with them in the real world and reconnect with them. Make new memories and keep them personal to you, you don’t need to document everything you do in life with selfies.

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