Oh Damn! slow connection right? This could be very awful especially when your’re on something very important or a limited time task you ought to do, Its really heartbreaking when one experiences such as it could make you miss important opportunities or even worse. We’ll basically be discussing these factors and how to fix them. But firstly, you should note this, When on a particular web page or apparently using an internet connection, there could be other task your device could be on, be it running on background or not that could be causing much internet traffic with the said device, its called multi-tasking and yes! it slow internet connection too.

There are other many regular processes or factors causing an internet slow-down, Therefore in this article i’m going to be listing all slow internet connection causes including cables, ADSL and wireless users and how to fix them.


  1. INTERNET EQUIPMENT: Yeah obviously, this factor should probably be the first factor to check when experiencing slow internet connection, these equipment could be old or faulty who never can tell? which condition makes them capable of causing significantly bad network connection, so check all internet hardware equipment i.e Modem, Router and Cables. If at all you find any faulty, changing or upgrading would be the next call.


    Computer WIFI Modem

  2. MALWARE & VIRUS: Crazy how it sounds but yes its true and has been confirmed, If you system or device has been attached with virus or malware it so does creates a virtual link to the host though depending on the type of virus/malware as a result steals your personal data likewise creating high internet traffic on the device, when this happens see how to effectively remove virus from your PC Also, they are varieties of antivirus software get a good one installed and do the needful.

    computer virus

    Computer virus

  3. BANDWIDTH HOGS: Every website or cloud based software/application has a specific number of visitors it can accumulate at a time, this is termed “Bandwidth” So what do you think happens if this specific number is exceeded? Of course Slow connection, this could also be termed “high traffic’.

    Website bandwidth

    Website bandwidth

  4. ROUTER OR ADSL DISTANCE: If you’re connected to a virtual network via Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) or a network Router, an obvious factor that could affect your internet speed is distance between your PC/device with these network devices. This is as simple as “The further your device is for the exchange, the slower the internet connection you receive”.

So the compilation above are regular causes of slow internet connection.

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