Microsoft’s Cortana now available on Skype

Microsoft finally brought Cortana on Skype, it was announced today it was also made to understand that Cortana on Skype can have one-on-one chat or can be summoned into chats to handle various task like finding specific place, scheduling events or sharing reviews. Microsoft also announced its availability for iOS and Android users in the United State.

Microsoft Cortana operating on skype

Cortana embedded on Skype chat

Cortana will now appear as a permanent contact in every Skype user’s contact list. When chatting one-on-one, Cortana can answer questions the same way she can elsewhere: Ask for things like directions or a weather forecast and Cortana will deliver answers via visual cards.

In addition to doing things like making restaurant reservations, Cortana on Skype can serve up suggested replies like “I’m doing ok” when someone asks “How are you?” or “Create reminder” when you’re making plans with friends. Reminders will then be sent to other devices you have authorized to use Cortana.

Cortana on Skype does not yet work in voice or video calls. Also yet to come are Skype video bots, which launched in preview earlier this year.

At launch, Cortana on Skype has many features similar to the Facebook Messenger intelligent assistant M and in some ways is similar to how Google Assistant functions in the lesser known Allo chat app. In each instance, the AI assistant listens to words used in your conversation in order to anticipate the needs of a user or group of users.

The Skype announcement comes ahead of the widely expected release of the Harman Kardon Invoke this fall, a smart speaker with Cortana inside, and follows a Skype redesign that took place in June for iOS and Android devices. The redesign gave Skype the kind of stories that disappear in 24 hours now common on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as access to third-party bots.

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With Cortana in Windows 10, 500 million devices have access to Cortana. About 140 million users speak with Cortana at least once a month, according to Microsoft VP Jordi Ribas.

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