Snapchat now allows users to share stories everywhere

The big social platform Snapchat has unveiled that it had been working on a feature that would enables users share stories anywhere on the internet outside its platform.

This new feature which is called Snapchat’s Stories Everywhere also allows users share Snapchat’s editorial content and premium videos by embedding snaps on websites and other online platforms which operates similarly to Twitter shared content.

Other big social platforms like Facebook and Instagram which doesn’t support this feature, atleast not now this could result to a huge turn up on Snapchat this year with this cute approach.

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With the new development of Snapchat’s Stories Everywhere and snaps being able to be shared among all other online platforms, it is believed that this would increase its publicity which should in turn spur growth and be more enticing to advertisers and clickers. Snap could potentially get into the content licensing game for added revenue.

Snapchat has been trying to create a good avenue for brand’s exposure and of course more revenue, let’s hope this great initiative makes a huge hit on the platform and put Snapchat in a much better position among all other social media giants.

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